Common Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Uniform Suppliers

Congratulations! You are closer than you have ever been to take your business to the next level by incorporating employee uniforms from the right uniform suppliers. This is also an opportunity for you, who still needs some more convincing, to do the right thing.

Have you ever asked yourself why some of the biggest companies in the UK, like Marriott International, Sytner Group, TGI Fridays just to name a few, incorporate employee uniforms into their businesses? This is because they have understood that employee uniforms can be the face of any business, they can be used to promote your brand and they also provide an opportunity for your customers to have a good first impression of your business. Uniforms don’t just have a positive effect on your clientele alone, they also help to improve your staff’s confidence which can be noticeable on the quality services they provide.

Given how important employee uniforms are to businesses, it is important for you to get the right one from the right uniform suppliers. Choosing the right uniforms for your business can be daunting, and it is really easy to make mistakes the first time if proper care is not taken. It is for this reason that we have come up with a list of some common mistakes made by business owners when choosing work uniforms from uniform suppliers, so you will be able to avoid them.

1. Focus on both function and design;

Business managers or owners often tend to prioritise the design and ignore the function of the uniform. In as much as branding and design are important, you should not ignore the conditions in which your employees will be working in. Your employees need to be comfortable and move freely while working. A good uniform supplier should be able to advise you so you can find that balance. You can also consult your employees on the choice of the uniform, this will certainly have a positive impact on the quality of service they offer.

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2. Choosing your uniforms based on price alone;

It is common for growing businesses to do all they can to avoid unnecessary expenditures. But this should not be at the expense of employee comfort/satisfaction and your brand image. You should take your time and look at the different options the uniform company is having so as to get quality uniforms for your staff. Whenever you are tempted to get the cheapest uniforms to save some cash, remember that they are most likely of low quality and you might spend more money replacing them in the future.

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3. Ordering from the wrong uniform suppliers;

A lot of companies out there care more about making money than their reputations. Such companies will rush you to place your order without paying attention to your needs and giving you a realistic idea of the process. This might lead to an unhappy staff, you having to replace the uniforms within a short period of time and you going out of your budget. It is important for you to compare uniform companies so as to increase your chances of having the right uniforms.

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Getting the right outfit for your employees will speak a thousand words which carry a priceless message to your customers and the general public. Herbert Liveries is one of the biggest uniform suppliers in the UK, offering a wide selection of uniforms that will certainly suit your individual needs. Get in touch with us for more information.


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